The Balanced Approach


Be a Bar Exam Warrior

The Waiting Game

Some Do’s and Don’ts while you await your bar results

Finally, that three-day, arduous test on everything you learned and didn’t learn in three years of law school is over!  You walked out of that humongous room; the song of frantic fingers typing on keyboards is finally out of your head; and you are wondering what to do now?  Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for the next 3 months playing the waiting game:

1.     Don’t frequent the blogs trying to figure out if you spotted all the issues in racehorse questions such as Evidence, Criminal Procedure and Torts questions.  Don’t agonize over the difficulty of the Professional Responsibility/Corporations question or the curve balls in the Trusts question.  If you thought it was hard, guess what? Everyone thought it was hard!  What’s done is done, move on, move forward and be good to yourself. 

2.     Don’t keep studying in case you did not pass.  Take a break, relax and focus on something other than a test. 

3.     Don’t throw your study materials away.  Save all your materials until after Thanksgiving.  You probably will not need it, but your best friend might and would love your helping hand.

4.     Do remember that the bar exam is just a game, a short one.  Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose.  We all hope we are winners, but remember it does not define you or decide your fate because, guess what?  You can play their game again and win next time.

5.     Do think and prepare for the long game: life and career beyond the bar exam.  Keep your skills set and experiences fresh. Look for volunteer opportunities.  Every attorney’s office and organization appreciates free help and you will gain practical skills you can carry with you much longer than the Rule Against Perpetuities.

6.     Do polish your cover letters and continue to send out resumes.  Make sure your materials are up to date and in queue for the next potential opening.

7.     Do set up informational interviews with lawyers, organizations and mentors to learn more about your endless possibilities as an advocate in the world around you.  You might not be interviewing for a specific job, but you may very well stumble upon a passion or career possibility you had not thought of during your years in traditional law school.

8.     Most of all, after all that studying, reading and sitting educating your head for 3 months straight Do what the experts say: balance that out with an education of the hands and the heart. Spend time and travel the world with the loved ones you were forced to neglect for 3 months.  Pick up a handy new hobby such as knitting, woodworking or sculpting.  And finally register for that surfing, cooking or martial arts class you always wanted to take in law school but never had time!  

Amy Parekh