The Balanced Approach


Study smarter...not harder


It’s great to know the “right” answer to a given essay or performance test, but the real question is how do you get there?  This is the SucceedLaw difference.  Rather than offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach to bar tutoring, I take the time to get to know you and your strengths and challenges, and develop bar exam techniques that work for you.  SucceedLaw provides you the tools to become an expert learner and test-taker.

Unlike many programs that simply point you back to subject matter outlines or generic sample answers, I will identify the specific challenges in your exam-taking technique and work with you to develop an individualized process for maximizing your performance on the bar exam.

My philosophy and focus is to provide techniques and extensive, individualized feedback of the highest quality from experienced academic support and bar preparation professionals.  Accordingly, I limit the number of individuals I work with in any given bar exam cycle to 5-10 clients.

full-time client

Historically, this package provides the elixir to becoming an expert learner and test-taker. It includes a comprehensive and individualized coaching regimen, paced program, study-smarter tactics, essay workshops, the PT technique and extensive feedback on essays and PTs.  This package will demystify the entire bar exam while also providing substantive knowledge and study tips to study for the MBE.   


This mini-package is offered to client's with qualifying score reports and provides a more cost-effective option to help clients wear the grader's shoes by learning how to read, dissect, issue spot and IRAC the CA bar exam essay questions.  

full-time essay package

Focuses on studying smarter and essay writing techniques. We hold several subject based workshops and coaching sessions to create a go-to technique featuring specific essay subjects and provide feedback on several essay practice questions.



For first-time takers who seek essay and PT writing skills and essay feedback to supplement their commercial course-load.  This package can be started before the commercial course or during and is designed to fit with your course without overwhelming you with more work.  


Full-time PT package

Isolates the issues clients are having with the performance test by teaching the SucceedLaw PT technique and crafting it to specifically meet the client's needs without the pressure of creating elaborate charts. We teach the learning, lawyering, organizing and writing process under the constraints of the closed universe test question.



Need help studying for Law School or the Baby Bar Exam? Our learning techniques will help you achieve law school success.