The Balanced Approach

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Purposeful Practice = Perfect

At SucceedLaw I believe my clients are capable of passing the CA bar exam. I strive to not only tutor my clients with the substantive skill set to pass the bar, but also the confidence, mindfulness and balanced pace necessary to stay calm and believe in themselves.



Amy Parekh

Helping graduates pass the CA bar since July 2012

Amy graduated from the University of Michigan Law School.  She passed the Illinois bar exam in 2002 after graduating and the CA Attorneys bar exam in 2009. She had to juggle many outside stresses in her life to stay focused and paced for both exams.  Her personal background in mindfulness and balance helped her create the necessary pace to study gracefully under pressure.  

She understands that many CA graduates, especially the repeat test takers she dedicates her practice to, face similar juggling acts.  Many of her clients must balance their study regimen with full-time or part-time jobs, starting a new family and other family medical needs.  Amy strives to meet the client where they are and create a paced program that provides the balance without burnout necessary to achieve bar success. She purposefully engages each full-time client with the three phases of self-regulated learning to teach them how to become an expert learner and an expert on the bar.  Her goal is to put the client in her shoes first so that the client can ultimately put herself in the bar grader's shoes.  Amy provides in-person tutoring services as well as web-based sessions for the distance learner.


Balancing effort and ease

...she didn’t just teach me how to write a passing answer, she taught me to write one of the published answers!
— Benjamin Reccius

As a bonus to Amy’s immense teaching and bar prep knowledge, she was also my personal cheerleader. I felt anxious, stressed, and scared throughout much of bar prep. Amy pushed me to work hard and encouraged me throughout the entire process.
— T.K.