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SucceedLaw Warriors' Stories

Amy equipped me with tried and true methods that ensured that what I knew about the subject and issue made it on to paper every time. Not only are her methods easy, intuitive and powerful, but she is a true cheerleader and the positive force that everyone needs when they are about to take the bar exam! At the end of the day, Amy cares deeply about her students and will do whatever it takes to give them the best chance of passing the exam. What was even more astonishing about my work with Amy, is that she didn’t just teach me how to write a passing answer, she taught me to write one of the published answers! Her pride in learning that my answer was published showed me that she was more than just a tutor—she’s a friend, mentor and all around tour guide for the wild and wacky ride that is the bar exam. So glad that I had her!
— Benjamin Reccius, February 2016, Pepperdine School of Law

Amy was highly influential in my passing of the California Bar Exam. She not only helped me with the substantive aspects of studying for the exam, but also provided constant support and motivation along the way. Amy truly cared about my success and I am forever grateful for her efforts in making sure I was fully prepared come exam day. I have and will continue to recommend Amy to any law students preparing for the bar exam as I know she is more than capable of bringing out the best in her students. Simply put, Amy is a rockstar in the bar prep world and I consider myself lucky to have had her on my side!
— Derek Lawson, February 2016, University of San Diego School of Law

Every bar taker dreads failing the bar exam, let alone failing it twice. However, that was my reality. I had taken the recommended prep course and followed the advice of successful bar takers. But I could not overcome the mountain that is the California bar exam. Realizing the “one-size fits all” study method did not fit my learning style, I knew I had to try something different. But what was I to do? Fortunately, I learned of Amy Parekh’s tutoring program and decided to utilize her services. My decision to work with Amy was the best decision I have ever made.

From my very first tutoring session with Amy, I knew that my bar preparation experience would be vastly different. She equipped me with issue spotting techniques that other programs simply do not teach. She thoroughly reviewed my practice essay responses, and provided me with invaluable insightful and constructive feedback. She helped me create effective study tools to assist in rule memorialization and MBE practice.

Amy also developed a study plan that was specifically tailored to my study needs and work schedule. For two months, I committed myself to my study plan, and utilized the study techniques and methods Amy taught me. It was very hard work, and at times I doubted myself. Amy not only helped me stay focused, but more important she helped me to get out of my own way, which had proven detrimental from my past bar experiences. As a result, I saw great improvement in all aspects of the exam. I was able to spot significantly more issues. My legal analysis on essays had improved ten-fold. My practice MBE score had improved by 25+ points. Finally, I could produce well written PT essay answers in the allotted time.

For once, I had actual techniques and strategies to rely on when taking the exam. I felt empowered and ready to show the California bar examiners that I had the know-how to practice law.

On the days of the bar exam, I stuck to the plan and the plan only. During lunch breaks, Amy availed herself to me via phone. I was able to talk to her about my test taking experience and any anxiety I may have felt at the moment. I must admit that by day three, I was physically and mentally exhausted. During my final lunch break, Amy gave me a much needed pep talk, which in turn motivated me to give the final PT essay everything that I had and finish strong.

At the end of the exam, Amy congratulated me for making it through the exam and remained in contact with me throughout the waiting period.

When results were finally released and I learned I had passed, Amy was the very first person I contacted. This was a victory that I humbly shared with her. She was my rock throughout my bar experience. I wholeheartedly believe Amy was the key to my bar passage success, and I am forever grateful. There are no words that truly capture how grateful I am, but for now I will stick to the following:

Thank you, Amy. It is because of you and your services that I too have overcome the mountain that is the California bar exam!
— Anon, July 2014, University of California Irvine School of Law

Thank you, Amy. You were truly amazing. I wouldn’t have passed without Succeed Law. Without your assistance, instruction and motivation I would not have been able to overcome more than 140 points?? I’m a CA lawyer now!!!!
— Magi Yang, February 2014, Santa Clara School of Law

After failing the July 2013 California bar exam, I was left drained of confidence and emotional energy. I had completed 100% of the commercial course I had signed up for, and yet still fell short on every aspect of the exam. I failed not from a lack of effort, but from a lack of direction. This is exactly what Amy provided me with. Within weeks after enrolling Amy’s help to tackle this monster of a test, I felt that I was working smarter, not harder.

My biggest concern signing up for a bar exam tutor was cost. Amy was able to tailor a program that fit my budget and ensured my best chance at success.

I also enrolled in the Performance Test Workshop. Through the SucceedLaw easy-to-implement strategies sat for the performance test relaxed, determined and confident.

Thank you Amy! I couldn’t have done it without you!
— Jeff Welsh, February 2014, Pepperdine School of Law

Failing the bar is a terrible experience, and the first thing you learn afterwards is that you do not want a repeat of that again. After I took my first post-bar practice exam, I was frantic because my score was low and my second Bar Exam was looming around the corner. I knew that I needed a new approach on second try. Looking back, I am so grateful that I was referred to SucceedLaw and that Amy Parekh was there to help guide me through bar prep. Again.

Amy Parekh’s credentials are stellar, which gave me the much-needed confidence in the tutoring services that I was going to receive from SucceedLaw. Amy clearly understood the bar prep material, but even better, Amy had the ability to tailor her tutoring service to teach me the bar information that fit my personal learning needs. Prior to our journey of learning, Amy took the time to get to know me not only as a student, but also as a person. By doing so, she was able to understand how I learn and thereby, give me the kind of personalized, one-on-one attention that I required.

During our sessions, Amy was patient and kind. She taught me learning strategies that I’d never been shown before in law school. I like a streamlined, methodical approach and that is what Amy gave me. If there was an area of law that I particularly had difficulty with, Amy made sure to find a strategy to help me learn it.

Amy’s comments on my essays were detailed and informative, and her MBE tips helped me immensely. Amy’s Performance Test tutoring also made clear improvements on my practice exams. By the time the Bar Exam was approaching, I felt more confident as a student with SucceedLaw than I did the first-time around. My final practice test was far superior than my first, and I know that was because of Amy’s tutoring.

As a bonus to Amy’s immense teaching and bar prep knowledge, she was also my personal cheerleader. I felt anxious, stressed, and scared throughout much of bar prep. Amy pushed me to work hard and encouraged me throughout the entire process. She was always prompt to respond to e-mails and answered every question I had, whether it was bar material-related or testing anxiety.

As a result, I passed the February 2016 Bar Exam. I am so grateful to have gone through bar prep with Succeed Law, and even more more thankful that I did not fail because of Amy Parekh’s teaching.
— T.K, February 2016, Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law

After graduating from law school, I used a commercial course to study and prepare for the July 2015 California Bar Exam. I studied diligently and seriously and completed the entire course. I felt as prepared as possible and was ready for the exam. And after finishing the Bar I felt confident that I had passed. However, after the 3 month wait I was not on the pass list.

Deciding to use a tutor was a great decision and deciding on Amy as my tutor was one of the best and most important decisions I have made so far in my academic and professional career. Amy provided invaluable testing insights and an organized, methodical approach to writing essays that I could not have learned on my own and did not learn from my commercial course.

Not only was Amy able to teach the strategies efficiently and very effectively she was also so kind, patient, and generous with her time. Amy was faced with the tasks of teaching me how to write for the Bar graders and getting me to believe in myself. Her confidence in me never wavered and having someone who understood what I was going through and believe in me was the second best part of my experience with Amy. The best part was calling Amy on May 13 to tell her I passed and thank her for all her help!
— Seamus Hayes, February 2016, Pepperdine School of Law

Amy Parekh was an immense help in assisting me to focus, prepare and study the most efficient way for the bar. As a repeat taker, who was fortunately employed, I had to find a way to juggle working full-time and effectively study for the bar exam. Amy reviewed my prior bar examination answers and provided substantial feedback to pinpoint my weaknesses and help develop my study plan accordingly. Amy’s feedback was very substantive and detailed. It consisted of numerous pages of tips, advice and strategies to equip me to pass my second attempt at the bar exam. In addition, she didn’t just focus on what I did wrong on the exam and the issues I missed, but she also provided me with suggestions on what a good answer should look like. During a one-on-one meeting we had, she reviewed a past bar exam question with me and broke it down to help me identify the issues the facts implicated. Amy’s advice and feedback was invaluable. No one wants to repeat the awful experience of retaking the bar exam. However, if you develop a solid study plan, which Amy helped me achieve, it will give you the confidence to feel prepared to pass the exam, making the experience more manageable and tolerable. That is why I am grateful for Amy’s assistance in providing me the guidance and preparation to retake the bar exam.
— F.T., February 2013, UCI School of Law

As the Director of Bar Services for a successful in-house bar preparation program, we utilize Amy Parekh as a grader. She is dedicated, thorough, and detailed. We also recommend her as a tutor for repeaters, where she has been quite successful. Students tell me they really appreciate how dedicated and helpful she is.
— Professor Mario Mainero, Director of Bar Services, Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law

Let me clearly state that a major reason I was able to pass the bar was due to the real guidance and support that Amy provided me in my studying process. Let’s just say I graduated from law school a long time ago, and the prospect of taking the bar after so long a period was daunting. I have had a good life with a great career, but wanted to try my hat at the law as a second, post-retirement career. I took a commercial course and was able to relearn the law a bit but wasn’t successful on my first try. Through Amy’s straightforward approach to studying, analyzing fact patterns and an effective approach to writing, I was able to achieve my goal. I confess that it took me more than one try to perfect my legal writing, as I hadn’t written in this way in decades, but I persisted and continued to use Amy’s legal writing, reasoning and study tactics. And Amy continued to support me along the way.

That being said the main skill that Amy brought was her authenticity in caring for me as an individual. Her support and “cheerleading” was easily as important to me as the nuts and bolts of the exam. Her support continued throughout the actual exam and well beyond. Her approach to taking the bar is effective and straightforward and she keeps you on track with comprehensive and realistic exercises that made the actual exam much less stressful. If you are willing to make the commitment and follow the course she develops specifically for you, then success will follow. In the end I was wanting to succeed almost as much for her as for me.
— Ron Newton, February 2017, Western State University School of Law

Amy was the perfect balance of professional tutor and supportive coach while studying for the bar exam. She was available and attentive during the entire preparation process. Her approach and philosophy made studying the second time around feel much different than the first. Thanks to Amy, I walked into the February 2017 bar exam more prepared, more confident, and more poised. I will be forever grateful for Amy’s expertise and guidance. I would recommend Amy to anyone who is dedicated to passing the bar exam.
— Lauren Bushman, February 2017, University of San Diego School of Law

Amy is an amazing tutor. After I failed the bar, I had no intention of taking the exam again. I felt that I had done everything I was supposed to do with the commercial study aids and still failed. After speaking with Amy she had far more confidence in me than I did myself, and encouraged me to retake the bar.

The study plan she made for me accompanied my work schedule, tackled all of my weaknesses, and changed my outlook on the exam and my ability to pass it. I know it is because of Amy I was able to successfully pass the exam the second time.
— Andranise Baxter, February 2017, Pepperdine School of Law

Amy Parekh was instrumental in my success passing the bar exam on the first try.

Her efficient and effective approach is unique and second to none. What sets her apart is her ability to quickly adapt to your particular learning style. Her engaging approach: full of rapid fire hypotheticals, visual flow charts, and careful surgical dissection of my bar exam essays were absolutely crucial to my success in passing the bar the first time. Throughout the entire studying process, she was patient and encouraging every step of the way and I truly could not recommend her highly enough to anyone preparing for the bar exam.
— Zach Cumer, July 2017, Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law

When I didn’t pass the bar I was devastated and knew that I needed help from someone with experience. At our first meeting, when we were getting to know each other, Amy said ‘that must have been a shock” and it was so affirming to have someone who heard how I was feeling and could help me move forward. Together we tailored a study plan for the coming months that took into consideration how much time I could/would take off and what areas I needed to improve on. Each week we talked, either at a coffee shop or online to go over her clear and easy to follow study guides. She was always flexible.

As the bar got closer she became a cheerleader, a support system and a safety net. Being able to go through this with someone would could constantly refine my skills, keep me motivated, and restore my confidence was amazing. You always walk in to the bar feeling nervous, but I also felt prepared and grounded. I would (and have) recommended Amy to other individuals prepping for the bar because you don’t have to do it alone.
— Sarah Dawley, February 2018, UC Irvine School of Law