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The NEW 2-day Bar Exam

Many of you who are planning to take or retake the CA bar exam may be interested to know that coming July 2017 the CA bar exam will no longer be a 3 day exam.  The substantive material candidates must master remains the same and it will still require a high level of writing skills.  A scaled score of 1440 to pass remains the same.  The examiners have emphasized that the scaling and grading of the exam will remain unchanged and it will not be "easier to pass," but rather, is a more efficient testing tool.  However, depending on your strengths and weaknesses, the new format may relieve some test anxiety and allow you to exhale and approach the next bar exam with optimism.


There will be one written examination day.  

On that day, the morning portion will consist of three 1-hour essays.  

In the afternoon, there will be two 1-hour essays and ONE 90-minute performance test.  

Here's a link to the California Bar examiner's announcement.


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Amy Parekh