The Balanced Approach


Be a Bar Exam Warrior

The Name Above....

Whether you pass or not, remember the 3 R’s:  Recognize yourself, realize how far you have come, and refresh for the next step on your path.  

Many congratulations to you if your name appears on the list.  Exhale, celebrate and hug someone special! 

However, some names may not appear.  At first, you will have and are entitled to several emotions.  Allow yourself to feel them, but also recognize that this is only a temporary setback.   Realize that many people have failed the bar exam and still go on to pass and become amazing attorneys.  So feel, but let those feelings to pass so that you can refresh and allow yourself to pass!  Be good to yourself!  Here are some tips for how:

The task is to recognize the very real fact that your tank is NOT empty, quite the contrary it’s loaded with knowledge and experience. 

If you decide to retake the bar (and I hope you do), I recommend you retake it in February.  Realize that the knowledge you have now is deeper than the knowledge, not to mention experience, you had when you started this process. 

Now, you have listened to the lectures, reviewed the outlines and have an understanding of the substance you need to know to take the exam.  Now, you have likely taken a few practice tests, looked at sample answers and perhaps have received some feedback on your exam taking skills.  Now, you have taken the exam in a gigantic room listening to the pitter-patter of keys frantically typing.  Now, you have felt the anxiety of the race.  Now you have the knowledge of what study tactics did or did not work and which subjects or skills were the most challenging.  Now, you know where to go from here: review the material, refresh your skills and Practice, Practice, Practice! 

As always in the coming weeks, I am available to discuss the options with you.

Amy Parekh