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Warrior Tiffany's Memoir

Tiffany Kuo, Chapman School of Law, Bar Exam Passer

Tiffany Kuo, Chapman School of Law, Bar Exam Passer

Failing the bar is a terrible experience, and the first thing you learn afterwards is that you do not want a repeat of that again. After I took my first post-bar practice exam, I was frantic because my score was low and my second Bar Exam was looming around the corner. I knew that I needed a new approach on second try. Looking back, I am so grateful that I was referred to SucceedLaw and that Amy Parekh was there to help guide me through bar prep. Again.

Amy Parekh’s credentials are stellar, which gave me the much-needed confidence in the tutoring services that I was going to receive from SucceedLaw. Amy clearly understood the bar prep material, but even better, Amy had the ability to tailor her tutoring service to teach me the bar information that fit my personal learning needs. Prior to our journey of learning, Amy took the time to get to know me not only as a student, but also as a person. By doing so, she was able to understand how I learn and thereby, give me the kind of personalized, one-on-one attention that I required.

During our sessions, Amy was patient and kind. She taught me learning strategies that I’d never been shown before in law school. I like a streamlined, methodical approach and that is what Amy gave me. If there was an area of law that I particularly had difficulty with, Amy made sure to find a strategy to help me learn it.

Amy’s comments on my essays were detailed and informative, and her MBE tips helped me immensely. Amy’s Performance Test tutoring also made clear improvements on my practice exams. By the time the Bar Exam was approaching, I felt more confident as a student with SucceedLaw than I did the first-time around. My final practice test was far superior than my first, and I know that was because of Amy’s tutoring.

As a bonus to Amy’s immense teaching and bar prep knowledge, she was also my personal cheerleader. I felt anxious, stressed, and scared throughout much of bar prep. Amy pushed me to work hard and encouraged me throughout the entire process. She was always prompt to respond to e-mails and answered every question I had, whether it was bar material-related or testing anxiety.

As a result, I passed the February 2016 Bar Exam. I am so grateful to have gone through bar prep with Succeed Law, and even more thankful that I did not fail because of Amy Parekh’s teaching.


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